distribution pic What kind of supplier OLBG is looking for?

OLBG is looking to increase and improve the selection of products available to our retailers. We’re looking for brand-name, top-of-the-line, and hot-selling products… but we’re also interested in niche product lines. Basically, any product for which there is demand will be of interest. If you’re carrying a product line you’d like our retailers to have access to, please let us know.

All inquiring Distributor should meet the following criteria:

1 .Must be competitively priced.
2. Must be able to blind dropship individual products.
3 .Must have a timely turnaround from placement to shipment.
4 .Must provide a datafeed with accurate inventory counts and product data.
5 .Products must not be, illegal, or otherwise prohibited in any way.

What benefits are there to be a supplier for OLBG?

• Easy way to get in front of thousands of online retailers and millions of potential customers.
• Work with our full-service supplier management team.
• Product data kept secure at all times.
• Ability to control MAP… keeping in mind that the more competitive it is, the more you are likely to sell.

How does the front-end work?

OLBG is the complete online dropshipping business solution. We currently host a 4,000,000 product-strong virtual warehouse. Our growing network of thousands of retailers sells any of these products primarily on online storefronts and auction sites.
OLBG provides the tools to create a fully-customizable storefront. As well, via OLBG’s Listing Manager for eBay, our retailers can easily list products from our virtual warehouse on eBay. OLBG helps alleviate a number of the burdens faced by online retailers. We provide the payment gateway for orders, a secure checkout, order processing, customer support, order fraud prevention, and education resources for online selling.
If you’d like to get access to a new and growing sales channel, click the contact link below. Our supplier management team will be able to field any and all inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you!